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Saran Paydar Saramad Company, with the support of 20 years of active presence in the field of sale of hardware, valves, and industrial fittings in 2018, was registered as a special joint-stock Company and upgraded its activities in the field of import from Europe.Considering the successful experience and significant market share in the field of sales of hardware including beams, sheets, rebars, profiles, and all kinds of industrial, construction, installation, and polyethylene pipes with concern about the industrial development of the country’s factories and the vacuum of product diversity in the market, import of all kinds Alloy sheets, steel pipes, brass and bronze valves were made available to the company from Europe.

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manisman pipes



After 20 years of continuous activity in supplying various products in this field and reputation in Shadabad iron market of Tehran, Saran Paydar Saramad Company is ready to prepare and distribute equipment needed in oil, petrochemical, refinery, power plant and construction industries with high capacity and variety, with access to warehouses in Europe, it has significantly reduced the duration of orders.

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Saran company with a professional staff with specialized education in related fields is responsible to customers requests.

Erfan Soltanicustomer

They sent us our requested products with heavy vehicles in the shortest time possible on time.
Such a good experience working with your company. Thank you.

Aref Alipourcustomer

This complex with professional and skilled consultants in Construction and industry fields are next to you and help you to find the best suitable product.Thanks

Amir Katouziancustomer



A corner of the successful record of Saran Paydar Saramad Company with more than 20 years of continuous activity in supplying various products of the Industrial and Reputation Basin in Shadabad Iron Market.


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What products does Saran Paydar offer?

All types of industrial constructional installation and PE pipes, all types of bars, angle bar, profile, Girder, channel beam, tee, mesh network and rod wire, sheets and oil industry required equipment , petrochemical, refinery and powerhouse.

How to find out the prices?

For information on the price of most products on the site and order you should first fill one of our information forms (which includes your name, telephone number and product name) and place your order, then one of our professional assistant will call you back in the shortest time possible and would help you.

Is the Saran Paydar website just for online shopping?

No, You can contact our consultants and make your purchase by phone or in person

Is it possible to deliver the order on a certain day or time?

Yes, please contact Saran Paydar’s consultants for coordination.

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